Sunday, October 21, 2012

sahabat :)

Alhamdulillah :)

sy bahagia dgn kehidupan skrg
walaupun hr2 bgn pg2, g skolah sorang2
g lab pon bdk jepun xmo ckp ngn sy
wat keje sorang2
mkn sorang2
tp sy ade sahabat
yg slalu ade dgn sy
nasib baik ade ifon tenet bagai
hr2 msej ngn sahabat2
walau jauh rs dekat

ini sahabat yg selalu dgr celoteh sy
hr2 pon x jemu layan sy
hr2 pon x jemu terima mms gmbr sy 
biase la boring sorang2,suke amik gmbr sorang2

ini die sahabat sy itu
terima kasih sahabat
sayang kamu2

hanis n syafikah

i cant promis to solve all your problems,
but I can promise u wont have to face them alone :)

When times get rough And your dreams just fall apart And sometimes you feel That you cant go on Be strong, hold on For my love will keep you warm Through the coldest night Through the rain, through the storm When friends turn their backs on you And you’re so helpless You dont know what to do I’ll be on your side to comfort you My love will see you through When the tears are in your eyes And you feel like you wanna cry Just reach out and i’ll be around to understand When you stumble and fall And you need a shoulder to lean on  All you have to do is call And i’ll be there with a helping hand When the road seem so long and endless And all you see is nothing but darkness Dont give up just walk on Have faith in your heart For my love will see you through My love will see you through When you reach for your star When you cross the deepest sea When you climb the highest hill my love will always be with you In everything you do In every step you’ll make In every road you take Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams For my love will see you through   - Marco Sison

tq sahabat :)
semoga ukhwah ini berpanjangan :)

n thank u Allah
for sending good people around me

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